"There has to be more
to life than this!"
have you ever said these words?
From: Chris McClure
Date: Now
Location: Dayton, OH
So many people reach the place in their lives where they desire to be, do, or have more. They feel stuck and frustrated. They're discontent. Some call it a "mid-life crisis", but I believe that each of us was made for so much more than we're currently experiencing. I believe we face a "holy discontent" that God places within us to push us to take steps of faith and become all He has planned for us to be and experience. Jesus said in John 10:10 that he came so we can have a full, rich, satisfying, abundant life. If that's not how you feel about your life right now, then keep reading... 
In my book, The Way To Greatness, I write about the five continual choices that lead to the full, rich, satisfying, abundant life that God intended for us all along - The GREAT Life. The five choices are:
  • Build Your God-Core: this choice is about God-centered living
  • Protect Your Relationships: this choice is about developing healthy relationships
  • Renew Your Mind: this choice is about having an enthusiastic mindset
  • Manage Your Resources: this choice is about being a good steward of all God gives you
  • Maximize Your Time: this choice is about making the most of your days on Earth
Each of these choices affects your life. When any one of these five is "off", your whole life feels off. In The Way To Greatness, I will help you with five-step action plans to level up in each of these core areas of life.
Reading the book is a great start, but having a companion workbook takes it to the next level...
In the early stages of publishing this book, advance readers and endorsers were asking for a workbook to help them process the material. I heard this message loud and clear so I created an interactive PDF where you can either print it out and write your answers or simply type them into text boxes and save your file as you go. 

You have the opportunity right NOW to download the digital workbook and take 3 important steps forward in the five key areas of your life...
 Learn the five continual choices by reading The Way To Greatness...
 Reflect on the questions as you go along...
 Write/type your answers for maximum impact in your workbook!
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Chris McClure
P.S. : The GREAT Life is within your reach. Download your digital workbook now!
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